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Photo of elderly man walking arm in arm with family member.

Finding the Right Facility


You may have less than 48 hours to locate a skilled nursing facility. Go online and search for Nursing Home Compare on Enter your zip code to find skilled nursing centers near your home. Look at the overall rating and other factors to help make your decision.

Have a family member call/visit the facility to discuss services and availability.

Notify the hospital discharge coordinator about your choice so they can initiate the admissions process.

Coverage and Cost

If you have Medicare Part A, you must have a qualifying inpatient three-day hospital stay to obtain coverage at the facility.


Depending on your skilled care needs, up to 20 days of a stay is covered 100 percent by Medicare Part A.


Stays of between 21 and 100 days are covered 80 percent by Medicare Part A. Co-insurance/private pay covers the remaining 20 percent. For enrollees in Medicare Advantage, coverage and time frames may vary.

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