Observance of and adherence to the Bill of Residents' Rights are the guiding forces in the daily operations of today's long term care facilities. The statement of patient's rights is a lengthy document designed to promote and protect the rights of individuals in a facility. These are just a few of the many areas addressed by the statement of rights.

Residents have the right to:

  • participate to the fullest extent possible in their own care plans;
  • manage their own finances or to have the responsibility given to a designated guardian (i.e. family or friend);

  • privacy, both in their rooms and during visits from family/friends;

  • safe, clean living conditions;

  • participate in activities both in and out of the facility;

  • retain and exercise all constitutional, civil and legal rights to which the patient is entitled by law;

  • maintain religious practices; and

  • prepare advance directives for health care.

Upon admission, long-term care providers are required to give residents and/or their guardians a copy of the statement of patient rights. In addition, facilities must give a copy to the resident's next of kin, all facility staff and must post these rights prominently in a public place within the facility. 

Check here for a complete list of nursing facility resident rights.