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  • Does the facility meet your standards of cleanliness?


Patient Rights


  • Is there a written description of patient rights and responsibilities? Ask for a copy.

  • Does the staff protect patient privacy and dignity?

  • Does the facility have an advance directives policy?


Care Planning


  • Do individuals and families take part in developing their own care plan?

  • Does the facility provide services for terminally ill residents and their families?

  • Is there an Alzheimer’s disease program at the facility?

  • Is there an AIDS program?

  • Is a subacute care program available?

Staff Attitudes


  • Does staff show interest and respect for the individuals?

  • Is staff courteous?

  • Is there a quick response to patient calls of assistance?

  • Is staff respectful and friendly to other staff members?

  • Is the administrator available to answer questions, hear complaints or discuss problems and concerns?

Licensure and Certification


  • Do the facility and administrator have a current license issued by the state?

  • Is the facility certified to provide Medicare and/or Medi-Cal coverage if the individual needs it?

  • Is the latest state survey available for review?

  • Does the facility have a formal quality-assurance program?



  • Is the facility conveniently located for frequent visits from family and friends?

  • Is the facility located near a hospital?

  • Is the facility conveniently located for the individual’s physician(s)?



  • Does the basic daily charge cover all the services needed by the individual?

  • Is there an available list of specific services not covered by the daily charge?

  • If the individual leaves the facility, are the advance payments returned?



  • Is a physician available in an emergency?

  • Are personal physicians allowed to treat individuals?

  • Does the facility report to the individual’s physician?

  • Is regular medical attention guaranteed?

  • Are care plans and medical records kept?  

  • Do your C.N.A.’s care for the same group of residents each time they work or do you rotate the assignment?

  • Are individuals and families involved in treatment plans?

  • Is confidentiality of medical record guaranteed?

  • Are a variety of medical services (dentists, podiatrists, optometrists) available?

  • In an emergency, will the individual’s personal physician be notified?

  • Do you use agency nurses?



  • Does the facility have an arrangement with a nearby hospital?

  • Is emergency transportation available?

  • Are accommodations made to hold a resident’s bed if that person is hospitalized?



  • Are routine and emergency drugs available?

  • Does a pharmacist review individual drug treatment plans?

  • Is a pharmacist available for individuals and staff?

Therapy Program


  • Is a physical therapy program available under the supervision of a qualified physical therapist?

  • Are speech therapy and occupational therapy available?

Activities Program


  • Are individual preferences observed?

  • Are group and individual activities available?

  • Is participation encouraged?

  • Are the individuals involved in their surrounding community?

  • Does the facility have volunteers working with the residents?

  • Are offsite trips planned?

Social Services


  • Is a social worker available to assist individuals and families?

Accident Prevention


  • Is the facility well lit?

  • Is the facility free of clutter and hazards?

  • Are chairs sturdy and stable?

  • Are warning signs posted on freshly waxed or wet floors?

  • Are handrails and grab bars installed in the hallways and bathrooms?

Fire Safety


  • Is the facility compliant with state and federal codes?

  • Are exits unobstructed and clearly marked?

  • Are emergency evacuation plans posted with floor plans throughout the facility?

  • Does the facility conduct fire drills?

  • Are exits unlocked from the inside?

  • Are doors to stairways kept closed?



  • Do the bedrooms open onto the hallway?

  • Does each of the resident rooms have a window?

  • Are bedrooms limited to four beds?

  • Does each bed have a privacy curtain?

  • Is each bed equipped with a nurse call bell?

  • Is fresh drinking water available next to each bed?

  • Is there at least one comfortable, sturdy chair per resident?

  • Is each individual provided a separate clothes closet or set of drawers?

  • Are the bedrooms wheelchair-accessible?

  • Is care used in roommate selection?

  • Is each bed easily accessible?

  • Are residents encouraged to decorate rooms with personal items?

  • Can my loved one be wakened in the morning according to their lifelong routine?



  • Is there a welcoming atmosphere?

  • Is the furniture attractive and comfortable?

  • Is the activities schedule posted on a bulletin board?

  • Are the facility certificates and licenses on display?



  • Are the halls wide enough for two wheelchairs to pass easily?

  • Are handrails installed in the halls?

  • Are the halls well lit?

Dining Room


  • Is the dining area clean, attractive and inviting?

  • Are tables convenient for wheelchairs?

  • Is food tasty and appealing to the eye?

  • Is there adequate time to eat meals?

  • Do the meals match the posted menu?

  • Is help given to the residents who need it?




  • Is the food preparation area separated from the dish washing and garbage areas?

  • Is food requiring refrigeration properly stored?

  • Do the kitchen workers observe sanitation rules?

Activity Rooms


  • Are rooms available for resident activities?

  • Does the facility provide activity equipment, such as games, easels, yarn or a kiln?

  • Is the equipment being used by residents?

Special Purpose Room


  • Are rooms set aside for therapy or physical examinations?

  • Are rooms available for private visits with family and friends?

Isolation Room


  • Does the facility provide at least one bed and bathroom for patients with contagious illness?

Toilet Facilities


  • Are toilets convenient to bedrooms?

  • Are they wheelchair accessible?

  • Are nurse call bells located near each toilet?

  • Are hand grips installed near each toilet?

  • Are bathtubs and showers equipped with non-slip surfaces and hand grips?



  • Are the grounds accessible to handicapped individuals?

  • Does the facility provide outdoor furniture for residents and visitors?

  • Are walkways clear and free of hazardous objects?

  • Is parking adequate for visitors?

Religious Observances


  • Does the facility make arrangements for patients to worship as they please?



  • Does a dietitian plan menus for residents requiring special diets?

  • Are personal likes and dislikes considered?

  • Does the menu vary from meal to meal?

  • Is there adequate time to eat each meal?

  • Does the facility provide snacks?

  • Is food delivered to individuals unable to eat in the dining room?

  • Are warm meals served warm?

  • Is help given to the residents who need it?

  • Do you offer alternatives if a resident does not prefer the main entrée?



  • Is assistance available for bathing and grooming?

  • Are barbers or beauticians available?

  • Does the facility provide basic laundry service?

Your Part


If you are selecting a care facility for a loved one, are you:

  • Involving the individual in the decisions?

  • Ready to ease the individual’s transition to the facility by being with her/him during admission as well as staying several hours getting her/him settled?

  • Prepared to visit the patient often and encourage others to do the same?


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